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The IP Mentor Educational Series is a set of videos that explain how to create and develop the core components needed for an effective Infection Prevention Program. While watching the videos, you will gain knowledge about an Annual Evaluation, Plan, Risk Assessment, & Surveillance Activity Plan. These were developed using the tools and techniques that have passed inspections and provided an effective Infection Prevention Program in multiple settings.  You will also get customizable worksheets for each video as well as many other resources and bonuses.

IP Mentor Infection Prevention Series

  • IP Mentor Educational Series

    This includes 4 videos that are led by Missy Travis. Each video describes in detail the process of developing the 4 major components of an Infection Prevention Program. The Risk Assessment video walks you through how to determine and rate your risks for the year. The Infection Prevention Plan describes how to create a custom plan for your facility. The Annual Evaluation models how to evaluate your data and goals on a yearly basis. The Surveillance Plan explains how to organize your annual IP activities. 


    Program Components- Risk Assessment, Plan, Annual Evaluation, Goal Evaluation, & Surveillance Plan

    Templates for your Risk Assessment, Infection Prevention Plan, Annual Evaluation, Goal Evaluation, and Surveillance Plan are included. These Word documents can be downloaded and customized with your information to use for years to come. 


    Authority Statement

    Annual authority statement for the Infection Preventionist that can be customized for your healthcare facility. It can be downloaded as a Word document and used every year.


    Custom Germ Police Binder

    All successful IP's need a binder for their important documents and cheat sheets. This one comes customized with a unique title that belongs to you now!


    Access to Private Facebook Group

    You have a tribe! Access to a private Facebook group to network with other Infection Preventionists who are participating in the IP Mentor Educational Series. You can also ask questions about the videos and handouts in this group.

    And some extras to give you all the knowledge and direction you need for policy review and development.

  • Taxes & shipping included!

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